Replying to a message from: Todd Martin

I am new when it comes to Ubuntu but have worked with it a little in the past but am having a problem trying to install Xeams on Ubuntu 16.04 x64.

I downloaded the distribution file, made sure it was executable and ran the file as root but get the following messages:

[.] Installing Xeams.
[.] Please specify, installation directory or leave blank for default
Please enter (e.g. /opt/):
[.] Installation directory = /opt/
[.] Unzipping Xeams.tar.gz file... [OK]
[.] Extracting Xeams.tar file...[OK]
[.] Configuring Startup Script...[OK]
[.] Getting Operating System Info:
./ line 467: [: too many arguments
**************** WARNING: Xeams could not be configured at boot because there is no startup program found *************
[.] Configuring Xeams to start on boot...[.] Configuring Uninstall script...[OK]

Is the error about too many arguments caused by there not being a startup program found which I will try to solve separately or have I perhaps downloaded the wrong file or something else?

Thank you anyone for your guidance.