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From: Ilkka Seittenranta
Date: 10/25/20 2:39 PM
Topic: iseitten
Type: Installation
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I have 

Xeams Community Edition Version 5.3, build 5863.

It's look a like installation kit is broken, some files missing like /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/QXeams/Xeams/config/config/UserConfig.xml

Yesderday I install your version to QNAP  and everything works fine, today I need to reinstall everything and after than I got lot off problems. That's not normal if use same installation set!


I also test install other email server and they not work either. I know that google doing something under it's not the first time.


Why there is java parts?

2020-10-25 20:00:05,701 ERROR [localhost].[/] - Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call Type 'com.synametrics.livemonitor.shared.LiveMonStatusHolder' was not assignable to '' and did not have a custom field serializer.For security purposes, this type will not be serialized.: instance = com.synametrics.livemonitor.shared.LiveMonStatusHolder@397d61cb


I fix than to add /etc/hosts localhost REAL_HOSTNAME_HERE



From: Synametrics Support
Date: 12/14/20 9:37 AM
Topic: iseitten
Type: Installation
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UserConfig.xml is not part of the installation package. Instead, it gets created as you create users in Xeams. Moreover, you should never re-install Xeams unless you first backup your configuration.

The RPC error you're getting is not because of DNS. It is happening because:

  1. Some Javascripts have been cached by the browser and do not match with the server's copy. Click F5 in the browser to see if that takes care of the problem.
  2. Perform a manual update following instructions on

Contact our support department via email ( if the problem persists.