Xeams reseller program is designed for companies or individuals who maintains networks and email servers for other small companies in their local area. It is a global program open to anyone.

How it works

  • You do not have to sign up for anything
  • You will be eligible to purchase any package of Xeams at a 25% discounted rate. For example, a Pack of 100 license will cost you $600 instead of $800
  • Besides the profit you make off of the software, you could also provide consulting services to your client for additional revenue


  • You automatically become a reseller if you have installed 5 or more instances of Xeams at different companies and they have purchased at least 5 user licenses
  • You will not get any discounts for the first 5 installations. However, you will be eligible for a 25% discount for every instance after that.
  • Send us the email address of the administrator along with their company name for verification. We will then issue you a special code that will give you the necessary discount on every future purchase.