How to Downgrade Xeams to use an older version of JRE

From version 8.5 and onwards, Xeams will only be compatible with JRE 1.8. It will no longer work with JRE 1.7. This means newer versions of Xeams will not work on Windows XP, 2008 and older operating systems.

Follow the instructions below to downgrade to a version that will work with JRE 1.7:

  • Download Xeams.jar and These files are for build 6238, which is the last build that works on Windows XP, 2003, 2008 and older.
  • Stop Xeams if it is currently running. In Windows, you can stop Xeams by opening the services page in Control Panel. In Linux, type /etc/init.d/xeams stop to stop the service.
  • Once you downloaded the files, open, go to webfront/webapps/ROOT/ and then extract the file named NewPageHeader.jsp.
  • Copy Xeams.jar and put it in your $INSTALL_DIR/lib directory.
  • Copy NewPageHeader.jsp and put it in your $INSTALL_DIR/webfront/webapps/ROOT/ directory.
  • Start Xeams again. You should now be able to access the web interface
  • Move Xeams.jar and (the files you've downloaded in the first step) to $INSTALL_DIR/patches diectory.
  • Connect to the Admin Console using the admin account. On the right hand side, click on Server Options, then click on Restart Server.
  • Watch the patches folder as Xeams is restarting. Xeams.jar and should eventually disappear, leaving only Patcher.jar in that folder.
  • Your Xeams should now be downgraded.

NOTE:$INSTALL_DIR refers to the folder where Xeams is installed, which is typically C:\Xeams on Windows.