Xeams can work in 3 modes:

  1. Standalone server - In this mode you do not need any other email server, but Xeams, to handle every e-mail. Clients connect to Xeams using POP3/IMAP protocol to fetch their messages and use SMTP to send outbound emails.
  2. Spam firewall - In this mode Xeams sits in front of another email server, such as Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail, Novell Groupwise or any other SMTP server. Every incoming email filters through Xeams and only good messages are forwarded to the actual email server. Your users connect to the corporate email server to fetch and send email.
  3. Hybrid mode - This is a combination of mode 1 and 2. Using Xeams in this mode provides redundancy to your existing email infrastructure. Every message is saved in two places: Xeams and your corporate email server.

More than just an email server

Xeams offers much more than a typical email server. Here is a partial list of its features.
greenCheck.png A comprehensive solution A complete email server supporting POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols. Users can use any client such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or any other email client to send and receive emails. It has a builtin web server and a relational database. All this reduces configuration time and you can be up and running in minutes.
greenCheck.png Multi-platform support Xeams works on a large variety of operating systems this includes: Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOSx, BSD. Xeams is written in 100% Java and therefore it supports every operating environment for which a Java virtual machine is available.
greenCheck.png Sophisticated spam filter A built in spam filter provides protection against junk emails, virus and phishing attacks. It blocks 99% of junk messages right out of the box. A higher rate of accuracy can be achieved by training the rules engine that comes with the product.