Email Message Archiving

Xeams automatically archives every message that goes through both inbound and outbound. This allows administrators and other company principals to search and retrieve messages received in the past.

How it works

Every message that passes through Xeams is indexed and saved on the disk. The indexes make searches lightning fast. Users can search either recipient's name/email, sender's name/email, or within the message contents.

A date range can be specified to restrict the results so you only see relevant records.

Additionally, predicates like "AND" and "OR" can be applied when searching for contents. For example, if you are looking for an email containing "Law Suite" and "Simpson", searching for "law AND suite AND simpson" will return your desired messages.

HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA Act of 1996, require every healthcare organization to maintain a record of correspondence between patients and their healthcare providers. Message archiving features in Xeams help tremendously in retrieving any electronic communication between doctors and their patients.