Synametrics SMTP Gateway


Synametrics Smtp Gateway has reached end-of-life and is no longer being developed. Consider using Xeams instead, which provides contains every feature provided by SMTP Gateway.
Synametrics SMTP Gateway is an SMTP server that can be used for two purposes:
  • As a backup e-mail server - This is done by adding an additional MX record in the DNS server with a lower priority. The sender's e-mail server will try to send messages to your primary server. If that is not available, it will attempt to send it to the SMTP Gateway, which is acting as a backup server. When your primary server comes back up, messages will be delivered to its final destination.
  • Load balancing for outbound messages - Users can use the Synametrics SMTP Gateway to send outbound messages to recipients on the Internet. This elevates a significant load from your primary e-mail server, particularly if you need to send outbound messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients.



Runs on any OS Synametrics Smtp Gateway runs on any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris
Web-based administration Easily administer your server from any machine using a web browser. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.
Live status The administrator console updates processed messages
User authentication Authenticate users before relaying an out-bound e-mail message.
Custom routing Route in-bound e-mail messages to any server on your internal network, bypassing an MX lookup query against your DNS server.
Customized mail queue Administrator can define how long a message stays in the queue before generating an NDR
Scalable The multi-threaded architecture of this SMTP server is scalable enough to handle thousands of simultaneous client connections.

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