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Alternative to SpamAssassin

Alternative to SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin is a free and open source spam filtering solution. It helps block many emails by using a scoring system. When an email comes in, SpamAssassin uses rules to see if the filter matches. The total score will determine if the message is spam or not. SpamAssassin has many filters, including keyword filters, blacklists, and email header analysis. Although SpamAssassin is widely used, there are other spam filtering solutions, such as Xeams that provide additional features and ease of use.

Effective spam filtering Effective filters mark messages as spam and sends it to the user's inbox. Many types of filters help block spam emails and prevents it from reaching the user's inbox.
Advanced Spam filtering Provides filtering such as bayesian, and RBLs. Besides bayesian and RBLs, Xeams has filters such as sender name forgery, sandbox url, policy violations, and others.
100% Web-based interface Does not have a web interface by default. It can be integrated with cPanel.Anything you can do (admin or user) is through an intuitive web interface allowing you to connect from any computer.
One-executable install Requires pre-requisites and configuration before installing. Simply run the install executable/script to install Xeams. No pre-configuration required.
Natively supports cross-platform Natively supports Linux. Other platforms require additional configuration. Natively supports Windows, Linux, MacOS, and others.
Extensive logging SpamAssassin logs email flow as well as the message score. Xeams logs email flow, user logins and supports live logging.
Live monitor Does not provide live monitor to see emails be scored in real-time. Supports live monitoring so administrators can see emails coming in and out in real-time.
Flexible support Support is done through documentation and public forums Besides documentation and forums, Xeams provides support through email and telephone.

Deployment and Installation

SpamAssassin natively requires a Linux operating system in order to be installed. Additional configuration will be required in order to be installed and started correctly. SpamAssassin can be installed on Windows, however, this requires even more pre-requsities to be fulfilled. This will be time-consuming and be less cost-effective when your system administrator spends hours trying to configure and install the software.

However, unlike SpamAssassin, Xeams natively supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and other operating systems and it can simply be installed and started easily. This is done by simply unzipping the installer files and then running the installer. No other configuration or installation is required.


SpamAssassin has many options that are configurable. However, by default, it does not have GUI (it can be integrated with cPanel). This makes it much more difficult to change filtering settings and behaviors, as well as troubleshooting issues. In Xeams, administrators can simply login to the web interface and change rules very easily.

Troubleshooting is much easier due to built-in diagnostic checks, as well as the live monitor and live logging feature in Xeams. Both Xeams and SpamAssassin have extensive documentation. However, since SpamAssassin is open sourced, it its more difficult to find immediate support. Xeams provides support through email and phone, in addition to the knowledge-base articles and public forums.

Spam Filtering

SpamAssassin and Xeams provide many filtering capabilities. One thing to keep in mind is that SpamAssassin does NOT block spam emails. Instead, they mark the message as junk and will still deliver the email to the user's spam box. Xeams has a different behavior, where it will block the spam going to the user's mailbox. Users then can restore the email by logging in and viewing the email. They can also white/blacklist certain domains or senders.

Xeams also has more advanced filters, such as the sender name forgery, where someone can spoof an email address that bypasses SPF. Xeams also has a auto-learn sender filter, where users will receive credit for each time they reply to a sender. Policy violations will allow administrators to send alerts to users based on certain triggers in an email. Sandbox URL configuration provides security by analyzing a URL before a user clicks on a link.

One thing SpamAssassin lacks is the ability to integrate with anti-viruses. Although it can be integrated with ClamAV, this requires a plugin to do so. In Xeams, ClamAV can be directly integrated with Xeams, as well as any other anti-viruses.


SpamAssassin provides a way to filter emails by offering many methods to block spam. However, the lack of accessibility and more complicated configuration can be a hurdle. Xeams provides an easier way to filter messages, while having more advanced filtering capabilites. The ability to view loggin and having diagnostic checks enables the administrator to troubleshoot issues quickly. If you need an alternative solution for filtering emails, Xeams provides the right solution.

Created on: Jan 18, 2021
Last updated on: Jul 21, 2024


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