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Subject: Associated Email vs Distribution List
Creation date: 11/6/16 11:39 AM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 4:25 PM

Associated Emails VS Distribution List Differences

Many administrators confuse between Associated Emails and Distribution List (formerly known as Aliases). This page is an attempt to clarify this distinction.

Distribution List

Distribution List can be accessed by clicking Manage Distribution List under Server Configuration. Prior to build 5852 the same menu item was called Manage Aliases. Distribution List is a convenient way of expanding emails sent to a single address to multiple recipients. For example, you can create a Distribution List for and distribute emails sent to this address to


Notice how you can send emails to foreign addresses by using a Distribution List.
Every Distribution List will contribute to a user license when using the Enterprise Edition of Xeams.


Associations are accessed through the User Management screen under Server Configuration. Administrator can associate one or more email addresses to a single user. For example:
can be associated with a user named Michael Smith.
Xeams will count all of the associated addresses as one user when counting total users towards a license.

User comments

Posted by zac on 7/13/17 1:36 PM

When AD integration is enabled, distribution lists do not work and are rejected. Please advised

Posted by Ian Vickers on 2/11/18 11:37 AM

Please explain how an email sent to a distribution list is treated in the quarantine report, e.g.: - included in the quarantine report for each member - when restored by a member, sent to all members or only that member

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