9 Best Alternatives to Mimecast

The demand for a safe mode of communication has never been more significant due to the new and unanticipated issues that enterprises are confronting. Businesses face various changing security and compliance requirements as they attempt to accomplish more with fewer resources and maintain the productivity of their increasingly remote workforces.

To assist users in overcoming these obstacles, email protection solutions offer a set of productivity, email security, and compliance solutions built on a safe, user-friendly platform.

Mimecast: A Secure Way to Manage Emails

Mimecast offers Google Workspace additional business-critical security, adding a layer of defense against highly sophisticated threats and ensuring email continuity to keep company operations running smoothly.

This Secure Email Gateway offers DHA, malware, DoS, and spam security that are often user-optimized. While Mimecast is also ideal for data loss prevention, secure message delivery, email branding and disclaimers, document conversion and metadata management, real-time online queue management, and spooling are all available in real-time.

The service processes and stores email through geographically dispersed data centers using a massively parallel grid infrastructure. Its Mail Transfer Agent offers intelligent email routing based on the server's location or user mailbox.

Furthermore, Mimecast offers the ease of sending and receiving large files with encryption, a choice of an access key, and personalized expiration dates from Outlook. But this email security gateway can be overpriced for many small businesses and organizations, as it charges extra for encryption, anti-malware capabilities, and other add-ons.

  • Type: Cloud-based.
  • Support: Support is available via the ticketing system and phone.
  • Price: Pricing is customized on request. Free trial available.

Features to Consider

Businesses worldwide are turning to email protection solutions to stop data flow and fortify the company against ransomware assaults. Nevertheless, several competitors in the market are vying for the title of best secure email gateway. Here are a few features to consider when choosing the best email spam filter for your business to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Consider the following functional and nonfunctional features when choosing spam filter/email protection software.

Functional Features

Functional features include the following.

  • Security/Encryption: Look for a secure email gateway that offers complete protection to let you do your business without worrying about malware or other email-borne threats.
  • Privacy: When it comes to enterprise emails, user privacy is the most significant factor. Hence look for an email protection solution that offers maximum privacy and security control choices.
  • Integration with ongoing infrastructure: When looking for email security software, the solution must integrate with your existing infrastructure, as organizations nowadays depend on various infrastructures, including cloud, hybrid, and on-premise.

Non-Functional Features

Non-functional features include the following.

  • Cost: When getting a spam filter, the price is the most significant factor, as you do not want to spend only your resources allocated for the solution. Consider different pricing plans and software that also have free versions.
  • Support: When choosing spam filter software, look for their customer support channels such as email, phone, live chat, ticketing system, and other sources.
  • Development: Find out how actively developers are working to advance the software to keep pace with the changing technology.

Best Mimecast Alternatives

The nine best alternatives to Mimecast email security include the following.

1. Xeams

Xeams is an incredible alternative to Mimecast that is available on the cloud and on-premise. It is a robust spam filtering engine that automatically filters out up to 99% of unwanted emails. Because of the software's adaptable approach to email, the server is exceptionally user-friendly.

Xeams can be used as a complete email server that doesn't need any other software to handle emails or as an email firewall in front of another server, such as MS Exchange. Xeams enables you to receive messages not more than 20MB and select up to 100 recipients per SMTP connection to protect your server from dictionary assault. However, it doesn't have any limit to the number of emails sent or received.

Xeams has several pre-built reports that appropriately reflect your server's usage and load patterns. As emails enter your system, a summary is provided via Xeams' Live Monitoring tool.

Every message that passes through Xeams is automatically archived, both inbound and outbound. This makes Xeams the ideal complement to servers like Microsoft Exchange for message archiving. For Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, and other varieties of UNIX, Xeams is a strong and secure mail server.

  • Type: Cloud and on-premise.
  • Support: Support is available via public forums, email, and phone.
  • Price: Pricing starts from $1.6667/per user/month for 1-9 users. Free version available.

2. SpamTitan

The cloud-based email protection software SpamTitan offers complete defense against email threats, and it is a secure email protection solution that prevents your IP from Blocklisting.

This incredible email spam filter solution contains features like email encryption and easy-to-manage email security that is simple to use and incorporates AV protection while being Office 365 compatible. The advanced business email protection solution integrates with Microsoft 365 to prevent any chances of email-based threats ensuring the security of company emails.

3. Barracuda

Barracuda offers cutting-edge email spam filter solutions that are cloud-enabled and simple. A collection of cloud services called Barracuda Email Protection is meant to shield businesses from email threats. The Barracuda Email spam filter is a fantastic tool for preventing spam, while it also offers many setup choices that let you decide what should be blocked.

It provides security awareness training, cloud-to-cloud backup, and world-class threat protection technology. For maximum protection, it offers email encryption that prevents email fraud.

  • Type: Cloud-based/on-premise
  • Support: Support is available via live chat and phone.
  • Price: Different tiers of pricing plans are available with a free trial.

4. Proofpoint

Cybersecurity software Proofpoint offers its users strong email security. Proofpoint Email Protection is a cloud-based email security technology that protects mid-sized to big businesses. What makes Proofpoint's unified email security system unique is its security policies and mail routing rules that stop threats from the network. To detect and eliminate email threats, the Proofpoint email spam filter employs machine learning algorithms that shield enterprise data from cybersecurity threats. Also, its secure gateway helps in managing inbound and outbound emails.

  • Type: Cloud and on-premise.
  • Support: Support is available via live chat, support ticket, and phone.
  • Price: Free trial available.

5. Mail Assure

Mail Assure is another good alternative to Mimecast that offers maximum protection from phishing, spam, malware, ransomware, social engineering, and other email-borne risks. Private Portal provides an extra degree of security to your emails that are important to your organization while seamlessly Integrating Microsoft 365. Mail Assure also offers full SPF/DKIM/DMARC support, which can help safeguard emails sent both inbound and outward. At the same time, you will get unlimited storage, encrypted long-term email archiving, and 24/7 email continuity.

  • Type: Cloud-based
  • Support: Support is provided through forums, live chat, and phone.
  • Price: Free trial is available. Contact sales for further information.

6. Cisco Secure Email

A world-class approach to filtering spam email is used by Cisco Secure Email, and with this technology, products cooperate proactively to safeguard users. The system offers users strong encryption and prevents any loss of the organization's data. Moreover, it aids in protecting sensitive data in emails while in transit using robust encryption and quickly identifies, investigates, and fixes any potentially catastrophic cyber-attacks aimed at users' emails.

  • Type: Cloud-based.
  • Support: Support is available via phone and community.
  • Price: Not Available. Contact Sales for further information.

7. GFI MailEssentials

GFI MailEssentials spam filter prevents spam from reaching email inboxes to conserve server space and time for other tasks. At the same time, each engine of this solution has unique detection strategies and algorithms. It increases your email environment's protection to block malware and viruses transmitted via email effectively. Moreover, MailEssentials removes non-RFC compliant emails while it can be integrated seamlessly into your current security system and also show compatibility with multiple email servers.

  • Type: Cloud-based.
  • Support: Support is available via live chat, manual and guides, and support requests.
  • Price: Starts from $28/per mailbox/per year for the small-sized enterprise.

8. Roaring Penguin

Roaring Penguin is another fantastic cloud-based solution to combat spam and viruses while securing your business details. The software is ideal for large and small enterprises with its inbound and outbound scanning features. It also offers ease of customization as you can set your preferences and rules for the solution to work.

  • Type: Cloud-based.
  • Support: Support is available via phone and email.
  • Price: Contact support for details.

9. ORF by Vamsoft

ORFwas explicitly created to stop spam, with no compromises or complications, which frequently cause all-in-one systems to fail. And this focused approach makes it possible to deal with spam quite effectively. ORF does the next best thing by combining the best anti-spam technologies available to create a cohesive, comprehensive, and practical framework.


The security of your organization's data is always at risk unless you deploy some world-class email protection solution to filter spam emails and ensure the safety of your data. We have compiled a list of email protection software you can utilize to provide maximum protection; hence, feel free to settle for software tailored to your business needs.