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Document ID: 4845
Subject: Configuring the Bypass Threshold
Creation date: 4/20/16 2:46 PM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 4:27 PM

Bypass Threshold

Bypass threshold is a score in Xeams that makes the rules engine skip remaining filters once the score goes below this amount. For example, if you white list a sender by giving a -200 score, Xeams will not run anymore filters after hitting this rule. This is done by design to give a higher weight to rules having a negative score.

The default value of bypass filter is set to -150. Therefore, once the score goes below -150, every other filter will be skipped and a message will be assigned a GOOD category.

Changing the default value

  • Stop Xeams
  • Modify $INSTALL_DIR\config\Profile_1.xml file.
  • Search for a line that reads:
  • Decrease the value to -5000
  • Save the file
  • If you have more than one profile, repeat the process for every profile. Additional profiles will have file names like Profile_101.xml, Profile_102.xml and so on.
  • Restart Xeams
Once done, Xeams will not skip filtering unless the score goes below -5000.

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