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Subject: Catch All Email Address
Creation date: 9/30/17 10:45 PM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 4:28 PM

Catch All

A catch-all email account is an address that is specified to receive all messages that are sent to an incorrect email address to your server. You can specify a catch-all address using the following steps:

  • Login as admin
  • Click SMTP Configuration under Server Configuration
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Specify an email address for Catch All field

Important Facts

  • Catch-all addresses only works for the regular SMTP Server, it does not work for SMTP Proxy Server. If you're using SMTP Proxy Server for inbound emails, you must define a catch all address in your actual email server.
  • Inbound traffic will increase tremendously to your server. Many spammers send emails to invalid addresses, hoping some will get through. All those junk messages will get sent to the catch-all address you specify

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