How do I change the location of the TEMP folder

Location for the temporary folder ($TEMP) is very important. Many applications, including Xeams use the $TEMP path to create files that are needed for a short period of time.

By default, Xeams will use the $TEMP location specified by your operating system. This location is often shared by other applications and could run out of disk space, particularly on a Linux/Unix machine where $TEMP is often put on a volume of its own.

How do I know the current value for $TEMP?

  • Log in to Xeams as admin
  • Click Tools / About Xeams
  • Search for The value for this parameter will point to the folder where $TEMP is located

How to change the location to a different path

  • Add the following line in Click here to learn more about file
  • Save
  • Restart Xeams