Changing Sender's Email for System-generated Messages

By default, the admin's email address is used for both sender and recipient for every system-generated message (SGM), such as daily reports, security alerts, low disk status, etc. Occasionally you may want to change the sender's email address, which is particularly helpful if the administrator's email address is foreign. Consider the following scenario as an example:

  • You're responsible for maintaining Xeams for a client whose domain name is
  • Since you don't have an email account on this domain, you put for the administrator
  • If Xeams sends an outbound email with for both sender and recipient, it will most likely fail SPF lookup and, therefore, end up in the junk folder.
  • In such cases, it is recommended to change the sender's address to a local domain and leave the administrator's email to a GMail account.


  • Locate file.
  • Add the following line:
  • Save the file
  • Restart Xeams