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Creation date:3/15/21 12:20 PM
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ClamAV Windows Integration

To use ClamAV on Windows machines follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download & Extract ClamAV Daemon for Windows

You can find the current version of ClamAV Daemon for Windows here.

Step 2: Installing the Service

After you download and extract ClamAV, open an elevated Windows DOS (Command Prompt in Administrator Mode) and navigate to the install directory.

Run the following command:

clamd.exe --install

Step 3: Updating the Antivirus Library

In the same directory, run the following code:


This will update the current library. You can schedule this process via Windows Task Scheduler if you want to frequently update the library.

Step 4: Running the Service

Open your Windows Services window and start the service: ClamWin Free Antivirus Scanner Service

If you wish, you can also edit the service to launch at startup now.

Step 5: Connecting Xeams to ClamAV

Open your Xeams Admin console and navigate to Server Configuration -> Clam-AV Integration

In the hostname/IP field put the address to the machine where you installed ClamAV. If you installed it on the same machine Xeams is running on, put: localhost

For the port, set it to 3310

Click save and run the test to confirm it is successfully integrated.

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