How to Configure Email Clients to Connect to Xeams

The page contains instructions for configuring email clients to connect to a user in Xeams to send and receive emails.

Note: The user MUST exist in Xeams and Xeams must be either set to Stand-Alone or Hybrid Mode.

Configuring Outlook

Follow the instructions below to configure Outlook

  • Open Outlook, then click File at the top. Click on Add Account.
  • You will be prompted for an email address. Make sure "let me setup my account manually" is checked as shown below: Then, click on Connect
  • Select IMAP or POP3 (make sure POP3 or IMAP is enabled in Xeams.)
  • You will see the following page: For incoming and outgoing server, specify the hostname/ip address of Xeams and the correct port number. Specify the correct Encryption method. Then click on Next
  • Specify the password for the account
  • If the values are correct, then the account should be created.