Synametrics Professional Services

The out-of-the-box functionality of our products allow for both quick deployment and the ability to develop more complex, customized applications to meet specific customer needs. Synametrics professional services organization offers strategic and tactical support for those customers interested in deploying their own unique solutions.

Our offer

  • Custom integration of your application with an email server. If you have an application that requires email filtering, monitoring or just invoking a proprietary logic when certain messages arrive to your server, we can help you achieve such goal quickly and efficiently.
  • Custom attachments - consider a scenario where you want to take actions based on some email attachments. Perhaps you want to save the incoming attachments to a certain folder on the disk, forward the message to someone else or remove them if they match certain criteria.

Scenarios for custom application

Following examples demonstrate the type of customization we can do your company.

  • You have a custom application that needs to perform certain tasks when a particular email arrives in your email server. Xeams can generate events when a message arrives. These events can be intercepted by a custom application

  • You need to track returned messages to your server. Often applications automatically send messages to recipients on the Internet and want to track the messages that bounced back

Proven Methodology

Working closely with customer workgroups, our professional services team applies proven processes, as well as industry and technical expertise to help you to rapidly develop and implement an optimum solution - within weeks versus months. Our Rapid-start Professional Services Methodology supports business exploration/evaluation, on-site installation, user documentation, and project management throughout the implementation lifecycle.

Your Synametrics professional services team ensures that our solutions integrate seamlessly with a wide range of disparate systems, and work reliably in the most complex environments. Just as important, we ensure that any type of organization or operation can quickly and effectively implement their secure messaging solutions.