Country Filters in Xeams

Using country filters you can assign scores if emails go through certain countries before reaching your Xeams.


There are two modes of operation:

  • Default - You specify countries and an associated score to assign. For example, you can assign a score of 80 if an email comes in from the Afghanistan
  • Inverted - In this mode you select a handful of countries that are whitelisted. Any other country will be assigned a score. We do not recommend assigning a very high score when using this mode. Refer to the explanation below for further details.

Why country filters are not effective

Country filters used to be effective few years ago, when spammers would host their own email server to send out junk messages. However, they have lost their efficacy for the following reasons:

  • Instead of hosting their own email server, spammers prefer to hijack legitimate email servers all over the world, resulting in an incorrect outcome.
  • IP addresses change all the time. Since the addresses change quite frequently, the database needs time to keep up with the new addresses. This makes the country filter be inaccurate.
  • It is common for multi-national companies route their emails through a different countries.

What filter can I use to replace country filtering?

We recommend you use the language filter in Xeams. Please see our language filter page for more details.