Searching for custom headers

Starting from build number 5679, administrators can search for custom headers and assign a score if it is found in an email message. This document discusses how to accomplish this task.

Problem statement

Assume you get emails from a special SMTP server that adds X-MYCUSTOMHEADER: true in every email that passes through it and you want to assign a score if this header is found.


  • Log in to the Admin console as admin
  • Click Content Filters under Filter Management
  • Click the View/Edit link next to Header
  • Click Add new header filter link on the top
  • Select Custom Header from the Field name combo box
  • Specify the actual header line in the String to search for field

    For example:


    IMPORTANT: This string must contain a colon character separating the header name and its value.

  • Assign a weight, which is the score an email is assigned when this header is found. A negative value means email is good, a positive means spam.
  • Leave the operator to Contains
  • Click Save button