Diagnostic Test for Inbound and Outbound Emails

Xeams includes self-testing modules for outbound and inbound emails. It would be best if you ran these tests once a month to ensure best practices are followed and nothing is misconfigured. Use the following steps to run these tests:

  • Log in as the administrator
  • Click Tools/Diagnostic Check - Inbound or Tools/Diagnostic Check - Outbound

What is Checked for Inbound

  • Ensures connection to the downstream server is okay. This is only meaningful when running Xeams in Firewall or Hybrid mode.
  • Ensures Xeams is not configured as an open relay
  • DNS queries are resolved correctly
  • Ensures your server is not accepting emails for invalid recipients
  • Messages are not stuck in the outbound queue

What is Checked for Outbound

  • Confirms best practices for sending outgoing messages are being followed
  • Confirms that the PTR record exists for your public IP
  • Confirms the SMTP signature is correct
  • Confirms SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and MTA-STS are configured

Xeams will display helpful tips for resolving the problem if any test fails.