DKIM signatures with MS Exchange

DKIM and/or DMARC are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet and some older SMTP servers do not support these standards. Besides DKIM and DMARC, STARTTLS is also becoming a mandatory mechanism before servers on the Internet will accept your emails. This page demonstrates a way to provide DKIM, DMARC as well as STARTTLS to outbound emails that leave your network for free.

Steps-By-Step Instructions

  • Download and install Xeams on any computer within your LAN. The Community Edition is all you need since you will only be using this for outbound emails. It is free.
  • Xeams supports multiple modes of operation. Although Stand-alone mode is all you need, Firewall mode is better in case once in a while an inbound email hits Xeams
  • Check instructions on our site to setup DKIM and DMARC. You will have to purchase an SSL certificate before enabling STARTTLS
  • Configure the Send Connector in Exchange to forward outbound emails to Xeams. The following diagram demonstrates a network diagram.