DNS Integration

Several features in Xeams require adding TXT records in a DNS server. Many DNS providers publish an API allowing third-party tools, such as Xeams, to view and modify records in a DNS server. The DNS Integration feature is precisely that: you can add TXT records required for SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and MTA-STS with simple mouse clicks.

Currently, the following DNS providers are supported:

  1. AWS Route 53
  2. GoDaddy DNS

Other providers will be added in the future.


Watch a short video on this topic.

Integration Policies

The following rules apply when you integrate a DNS provider with Xeams:

  • Records are never deleted. If you add a record by mistake, you will have to manually delete it using the provider's website.
  • Communication with the provider is logged in DnsApiIntegration.log.
  • It can only add/modify the following types of record:
    • A/AAAA
    • CNAME
    • TXT
    No other types are modified.