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Subject: Importance of a DNS server in Xeams
Creation date: 9/12/16 5:21 PM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 11:28 AM

Importance of a DNS server in Xeams

Selecting a faster DNS server is extremely important in Xeams. Several rules, such as RBL Lookups Black-listed domain lookup, MX, A, SPF lookup and others run queries against a DNS server. The faster the lookups, the faster Xeams will be able to process incoming messages.

By design, DNS servers create a lookup chain. For example, if a DNS server cannot resolve a query locally, it will try getting that answer from the next server up. The more servers that are involved in a lookup, the slower a result is fetched and Xeams will spend a longer time processing an email.

When it comes to DNS servers, bigger is better. Every DNS server will cache results. Therefore, it is always better to use a DSN server that will have a large cache.

Often, administrators use a local DNS server, running on their LAN. Relatively speaking, this local DNS server's cache will be significantly less than the DNS server for your ISP. Therefore, we strongly recommend using a DNS server belonging to your ISP instead of your router or another DNS server on your LAN.

Where to specify a DNS server

Although there is a way to specify a DNS server in Xeams, we recommend you change the DNS server at the machine level where Xeams is running. That is because your machine also contains a cache and will make subsequent lookups faster.

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