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Subject: How many profiles/domains can I create
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 4/12/22 12:47 PM

How many profiles/domains can I create?

Every profile that you create in Xeams consumes memory. To speed up the email filtering process, Xeams keeps the rules specified for a profile in memory. Therefore, to save memory usage, we recommend you do not create unnecessary profiles.

We do not recommend creating more than 5 profiles.

If for any reason you need more profiles, you will have to increase the amount of memory used by Xeams. Refer to the memory allocation page for more information.

Relationship between profiles and domains

One profile can support unlimited number of domains. We recommend using one profile for multiple domains.

Benefits of having multiple profile

A profile contains rules for spam filtering. Consider a scenario where you are catering a lawyer's office and a pharmaceutical company. It may be okay for the pharmaceutical company to get emails containing drug names but a lawyer considers them as spam.

User comments

Posted by Mike Beutler on 11/19/14 11:49 PM

I run more than 10 profiles and Xeams handles it just fine. Just bump up the RAM to 2GB or more and it'll be fine.

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