Email Sender Tool

Email Sender is a tool that helps you troubleshoot problems with your email server. It allows you to send emails to any SMTP server and will display the communication log, which is very helpful.


  • Click here to download this tool.
  • Extract the zipped file in the same folder where you have installed Xeams
  • Double click EmailSender.bat to run it
  • Specify at least one recipient, a subject and some content
  • Click the Sender tab and specify a value for an SMTP server. This can either be Xeams, Exchange or any other server.
  • Select the tab for SMTP Log and click Send Email
  • You should see the SMTP communication log in on the screen

Usage Tip

Leave the SMTP Server field blank to let Email Sender find the correct SMTP server using MX lookup.

Usage Tip

You will need Java Runtime (JRE) if you plan to use this on a computer that does not have Xeams installed.


This tool is designed to slow down the email flow once the number of recipients go beyond 10. This is done to prevent someone from misusing this tool for spamming.