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Subject: File structure in Xeams
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
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File Structure in Xeams

Since Xeams runs on multiple operating system, it does not store anything in Windows Registry or put any file in folders other than the installation folder. The only exception to this rule is:
  1. Windows Service entry. Applies only on Windows machines and registers Xeams as a Window Service
  2. Startup script. Applies only to Linux machines and copies a script called Xeams in the /etc/init.d folder.
The remainder of this document talks about the files and directories installed and used in Xeams.

config - Main configuration folder. This is probably the most important folder and contains every configuration parameter you specified in Xeams. Here is a partial list of files that are contained in this folder.
AppConfig.xml - Holds global configuration for Xeams.
english.dic - A collection of words used in the English language. Used for spam filtering.
HamWords_001.dat - Bayesian database for the default profile. File names for additional profiles end with _10X, where X is the profile number.
host.txt - Local host file for DNS lookups. If an entry is found in this file, Xeams will not contact a DNS server for MX lookup.
Profile_X.xml - File containing junk filtering rules for a profile. X stands for profile id.
SpamWords_001.dat - Bayesian database containing spam words for the default profile.
StagingServerConfig.xml - Configuration for the SMTP server
UserConfig.xml - Configuration file containing user information
wrapper.conf - Configuration file for the wrapper process in Xeams. This wrapper process watches the Xeams server and restarts in case it crashes.
db - An embedded relational database used for reporting purposes
GoodEmails - Repository for Good emails. Click here to see how to move the location of this folder.
jre - Java runtime environment
lib - Library files to run Xeams
logs - Holds log files
OutboundMailQueue - SMTP queue folder. This folder should ideally be empty. The only reason you will see files in this folders if Xeams is unable to deliver a message and needs to retry after a few minutes.
patches - New files are downloaded in this folder.
PossibleSpam - Repository for Possible junk messages. Click here to see how to move the location of this folder.
ProcessingMessages - Incoming messages are held in this folder until they are processed. Ideally, this folder should be empty.
Reports - Contains data for reports
SearchIndexes - Emails in Xeams are indexed for quick searches. This folder contains search indexes.
SpamEmails - Repository for Junk messages. Click here to see how to move the location of this folder.
UserRepository - Message store for IMAP and POP3 protocols.
webfront - Holds necessary files for the embedded web server.

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