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Document ID: 5158
Subject: Filtering disables by itself, why?
Creation date: 8/28/17 9:05 AM
Last modified on: 8/15/18 4:30 PM

Filtering Disables Automatically


Filtering in Xeams turns itself to a disablde state after a few minutes.


This could happen if you are using the Community Edition and have more than 5 users, or if you are using the Enterprise Edition but have exceeded the licensed user count.

I am using the Community Edition

Ensure the number of users does not exceed 5. Go to About under Tools menu and look at the Active User Count. Click Show List to see which email addresses are being counted towards your license.

I am using the Enterprise Edition

If the number of user exceeds your license count, you will receive email and will see warning messages in the web interface for the next 15 days. If these warnings are ignored, Xeams will switch to the Community Edition and filtering will get disabled.


If you're using the Community Edition, ensure you have 5 or fewer users. If you're using the Enterprise Edition, ensure you have purchased enough licenses to cover everyone.

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