Filtering Tips When Creating Content Filters

Xeams provides a powerful rules engine that can accept filtering rules that administrators and end-users can create. These rules are used to search for specific content in different parts of an email:

  • Sender
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Attachments
  • Headers

Rules for creating content filters for every part are similar. This page contains several examples and tips that help you create these filters.

Tip #1 - Simple search containing a phrase

Assume your goal is to search for eliminate lower back pain. Create a rule with the following values:

Field name Field value
String to search for eliminate lower back pain
Operator Contains
Tip #2 - Simple search containing non-sequential words

Extending with our example in tip# 1, assume the words are non-sequential. For example, you receive an email with the following contents:

Eliminate your lower back discomfort and pain
In this example, the words are identical to tip#1 but are not sequential. In such cases, use the word AND (uppercase) to find non-sequential words.

Field name Field value
String to search for eliminate AND lower AND pain
Operator Contains
This will search for the words any where in the message.
Tip #3 - Regular Expression

Extending the same example again, assume the phrase can be one of the following:

Eliminate lower back pain
Eliminates lower back pain
This example is a good candidate for a regular expression, as show below.

Field name Field value
String to search for eliminate(s?) lower back pain
Operator Regular Expression
Using a Regular Expression you can search for both variations of the word eliminate. Visit this page to test your regular expressions. Make sure to select "Java" as the flavor when using this website.