Troubleshooting incorrect user count

If Xeams is configured to accept message from invalid email addresses, it will consume a license and you will run into a problem if the actual user count goes above the number of licenses purchased.

For example, if a person outside your network sends a message to your domain with an email address, and your email server accepts this message, Xeams will consider that a valid user when calculating the license count. Therefore, your user count will go up even if that email address is invalid.

Once the user count exceeds the licensed amount, Xeams will give you a 15 day grace period to fix this issue. After 15 days, the enterprise features will be disabled.

To fix this, there are a couple of options available depending on your setup in Xeams.

Troubleshooting scenarios

Note: If you have already made the changes to fix the incorrect user count, and the number is still incorrect, this is because Xeams looks at 5 days of data to figure out the user count. Therefore, if the changes are made today, the actual user count will go down after 5 days.