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Subject: Importing white/black list emails from CSV files
Creation date: 12/15/16 1:45 PM
Last modified on: 8/10/18 3:13 PM

Importing White/Black list email addresses

Starting from version 5.5 of Xeams, you can import black/white email addresses into Xeams following the method described on this page.

Preparing for import

Before you import keep the following points in mind:

  • Avoid importing black list - It is very common for administrators and users to black list email addresses. Spammers often forge sender's email address therefore, black listing email addresses and/or domains is not a good idea. Importing White listed entries is fine.

  • Clean up data - Filters in Xeams are smarter than simple email addresses. Therefore, consider merging multiple entries into one before importing. For example, the following email addresses can be merged into one rule in Xeams.
    The above 3 white lists can be added as one Sender filter in Xeams and set its operator to Ends with. You will have to specify in the search for list.

    Combining multiple emails into a single Sender filter is more efficient at runtime.

File Format

You can import CSV (comma separated values) file into Xeams. This type of file contains one record per line and each value is separated by a comma. The first email address should be a foreign address. The second address (which is optional) must belong to a local user. Every line must contain values in the following format:,,

There are two types of white/black lists in Xeams:

  • Global - this affects every user in Xeams and is typically managed under Sender Filters when logged in as admin
  • User specific - this only affects one user and is called Buddy/Enemy list when logged in as a non-admin user.

There are 3 records in the above example. The first two records have two email addresses and the second address for each record is set to In this case Xeams will add two entries in the white/black list for the user

The third record only contains one address, which is considered global therefore, will be added as a Sender Filter at the global level.

Steps Importing Data

  • Login to the Admin Console as admin
  • Go to Filter Management, Content Filters and select Sender Filters
  • Click Import Sender Filters

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