Inherited Profiles

Starting from version 6.2, profiles can be inherited from the Default Profile. This page demonstrate what are inherited profiles and why are they better than independent profiles, which was the only option available in older versions.

Enabling Profiles

Ensure Multi-Profile box is checked under the Advanced of Server Configuration before using profiles.


The following image demonstrates the difference between inherited and independent profiles.



  • As the name suggests, rules in inherited profiles are derived from the default profile
  • New rules in inherited profiles will add additional scores. Consider RuleB in the image. This rule exists in both profiles. Therefore, the final score will be 90.
  • RuleD does not exist in the Default profile and therefore, will only affect messages that match Profile 2.
  • When using independent profiles, every rule is repeated as Profile 2 is completely independent of the Default Profile


There are two benefits:
  • Less administration - Inherited profiles will only have a handful of rules therefore less administration is needed.
  • Very lean - Less rules means less memory usage. Therefore, you can create as many profiles as you need without any significant runtime memory impact.

Converting independent profiles to inherited

Since inherited profiles are better, it is recommended you convert existing independent profiles to inherited. Use the following steps to convert existing profiles:
  • Log in to the web interface as admin
  • Click Switch Profile under Home
  • Click Convert to inherited next to the desired profile name
Xeams will automatically backup the existing profile to *.independent file in case you need to rollback.