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Subject: IP Reputation Filter
Creation date: 4/27/17 1:01 PM
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How does the IP Reputation Filter Work

The IP Reputation filter in Xeams checks the number of junk messages that have been received in the past from a particular IP subnet. The default behavior is to check for last 2 days of data and if the data has more than 7 junk messages. This means if more than 7 junk messages are received from an IP subnet, this rule will assign a score to future incoming emails.

Changing default values

There are two configurable parameters for this rule:
  1. Maximum number of days to go back
  2. Minimum number of junk emails received
You can change these settings by following the steps below.
  • Locate file in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder. Create a new text file if this file is not found on your system.
  • Enter the following lines:

  • Save the file
  • Restart Xeams
The above example will change the number of days to 5 and a minimum email count to 10.

Bypassing certain IP addresses

Create a file called IPRepExceptions.dat in $INSTALL_DIR\config containing a list of IP address that you need to skip. The file must have one IP address per line.

Create a file called SkippedDomainsForIPRepExceptions.dat in $INSTALL_DIR\config containing a list of domain names. Xeams will do a reverse lookup for the IP address and if it the top-level domain matches the host name in the file, no score will be assigned.

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Posted by Ian Vickers on 1/7/18 2:25 AM

This would be a useful feature to add to the UI and master/slave synchronisation.

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