Updating JRE

Xeams runs on top of Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which acts like a Virtual Machine to Xeams. When a newer version of Xeams is downloaded and installed, it cannot update the JRE. Therefore, you need to update the JRE manually.

Benefits of Updating

  • Some features in Xeams will not work with older JRE. They require JRE 1.8
  • Newer JRE contain latest SSL ciphers and disable the ones that are no longer considered safe. Using an older JRE will cause Xeams to use deprecated ciphers
  • JRE also contain ROOT certificates for several trusted authorities. Since SSL certificates have expiration dates, older JRE may not trust newly added trusted authorities

Steps to Update JRE

Using Xeams on Synology, QNAP or any other NAS device

Xeams uses the JRE installed on the NAS. Therefore, you will have to update the Java package on your NAS in order to update JRE.