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Subject: Log Correlation ID
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Log Correlation ID

When an email arrives through any channel (SMTP, SMTP Proxy or POP3 Fetcher) a unique number is assigned to that message by the server. This number is called the Log Correlation ID and is very useful in locating a particular message in the system.

This ID number is used in:
  • Log files - Many log files specific to email messages use this ID. For example:
    • SMTPConversation.log
    • SMTPProxyConversation.log
    • OutboundAuditTrailSuccess.log
    • OutboundAuditTrailFailure.log
  • Assigning file names - Email files names use this id as part of the file name allowing administrators to easily search a file on their disk.

Importance of Log Correlation ID

Log correlation ID comes in very handy when you are trying to locate an email in your system. Consider the following scenario.

You receive an email from a customer but that message is not delivered to the end user's inbox. You see that message in Xeams message repository. The log correlation ID appears as a serial number in the message repository and is only visible when viewing messages in Detail View. Using this log correlation ID, you can search the log files to see if the message was delivered to the end user or it is still sitting in the outbound mail queue.

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