Migrating from on-premise to cloud

When signing up for a new account on Xeams Cloud, it asks if you want to migrate your on-premise Xeams to the cloud. Follow the directions below to move your on-premise Xeams to the cloud if you were not able to migrate that configuration during the signup process.

Ensure the configuration in your on-premise Xeams is correct. In other words, remove users, distribution lists, domains and filtering rules if they are no longer in use.
Step 1 - Export
  • Open a browser with three tabs:
    • Tab 1: This page
    • Tab 2: Connect to your on-premise Xeams and log in as the administrator
    • Tab 3: Connect to Xeams cloud and log in using your credentials
  • Ensure you're logged in successfully in tabs 2 and 3.
  • Copy/paste the URL from Tab#2's address bar into the input field below.
  • Click to export, which will download config.zip to your machine.
Step 2 - Import
  • Click here and upload the downloaded config.zip file