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Document ID: 4624
Subject: Moving Xeams from one machine to another
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 6/22/21 9:36 AM

Moving Xeams from one machine to another

This page talks about moving Xeams from one machine to another.


  • Use the installer to install Xeams on the new machine
  • Stop Xeams server if it is running on the new machine.
  • Copy the contents of the following folders from old to new. These folders are located off of the installation folder.
    • AuditLogs        Optional
    • db
    • GoodEmails
    • letsEncrypt        If Available
    • logs
    • MailingListSubs        If Available
    • MailMergeData        If Available
    • OBReports        If Available
    • OutboundMailQueue
    • PossibleSpams
    • ProcessingMessages
    • PUBayesian        If Available
    • Reports
    • SearchIndexes
    • SpamEmails
    • UserRepository
  • Copy the contents of the config folder with the exception of one file: AppConfig.xml. This file contains IP addresses and other configuration parameters that may be different on the newer machine. There are two ways to merge this file from older to newer installation:

    • Modify the XML file - by using a text editor. Open both files (old and new) in a text editor and selectively copy values. Although this method will save you some time, we do NOT recommend using it if you are NOT familiar with XML. Internet Explorer is a very good parser for XML. After changing this file, try opening it in IE. It will scream if the file contains syntax errors.

    • Using Admin Console - Open the Admin Console on both machines and make sure the settings and the values are the same. After saving the values you can compare the two XML files to see what is left.

    Moving Xeams to a different OS?

    DO NOT copy AppConfig.xml if you are moving Xeams to a different operating system. This configuration file contains OS specific entries and therefore, won't work if you simply copy the file. A better approach is to set the parameters from the web interface.

    By "different OS", we mean moving from Windows to Linux or the other way around. This rule does not apply if you move from an older version of Windows to a newer version.

  • Start the server on the new machine


Regardless of the edition (Community or Enterprise), you will have to register Xeams again. If you have purchased the Enterprise Edition, you will have to enter the serial number again through the About screen.

User comments

Posted by Marcus on 9/30/22 12:55 PM

If the QNAP-Package will be install on a new QNAP NAS, you shouldn't copy the backup-file: "" (located in the config folder) in the new config folder. The internal mount-information might be changes in the new NAS and you can't access Xeams via the web frontend if the information in the file are wrong.

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