Downloading an older build

Use the links below to download an older version of Xeams that does not licensing enabled.

These files are for version 4.7 build 5776. Click here to see what has changed since this build.

IMPORTANT Synametrics Technologies, Inc. will be not be able to provide any support when using this older build.

Downgrading from a newer build

If you are using a newer build that requires licensing, you can downgrade to this build using the following steps:

The following steps assume you are using Xeams on Windows and the installation folder is C:\Xeams

  • Make a backup of C:\Xeams to C:\
  • Uninstall existing Xeams using Add/Remove Program
  • Install the downloaded file
  • Stop Xeams Service from Control Panel
  • Replace C:\Xeams\config folder from C:\\config
  • Restart the service

Auto Update

Disable Auto Update in Xeams so it does not pull a new version automatically using the following steps:
  • Login as admin
  • Click Server Configuration and select the Advanced Configuration tab
  • Uncheck Enable Auto Update
  • Save

Pros and Cons of using this build

  • Pro - Its free and will remain free
  • Con - No more changes, updates, or bug fixes will be available for this build
  • Con - No support