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Subject:TCP/IP ports required by Xeams
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
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List of TCP/IP ports that should be opened for Xeams

Your firewall should allow traffic for the following ports:

Port Type Direction Description
Required IN/OUT SMTP traffic. This is used to receive and deliver emails to other servers on the Internet.

53 Required OUT
DNS traffic. Xeams will try to send a UDP query to the DNS server. If UDP does not work, a TCP request will be send.

Required OUT
Xeams connects to our mail web server to fetch rules and program updates. If out-bound port 80 is blocked, your copy of Xeams won't be able to patch itself with new updates.
Optional IN/OUT
In-bound port should be open if users are using POP3 to fetch their emails. Out-bound port should be open if you are using the POP3 fetcher.
Required if IMAP is enabled.
Required if POP3 server is enabled in SSL mode.
Required if IMAP server is enabled in SSL mode.

Other ports

The following ports are used by Xeams but you do not need to open them through your firewall.
  • 5272 - For admin console
  • 7865 - Used by the embedded relational database

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