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2020-12-28 15:30:23,390 - [ 5862768],,,5878,[Failure reason: Unable to send email to the server. 550 #5.1.0 Address rejected. ],Subject: WinSQL Lite Serial Number

The above is a snippet from OutboundAuditTrailFailure.log. This log is written to whenever there is a failure in sending a message out from Xeams. There are four common segments of the logged message.

Segment Description
1 Timestamp
2 LCID - You can track this number across multiple logs. Each TCP/IP connection is assigned an LCID and that will remain unchanged.
3 The IP address or hostname of the recipients SMTP server followed by the recipient address and the sender address.
4 Reason for failure - this is typically written in either plain text or a corresponding error code returned from the foreign SMTP server.

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