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Purchasing Xeams

Initiate the purchase process from the instance of Xeams running on your end. This is done by design to provide a seamless purchase process that automatically assigns necessary license keys into your Xeams.


  • Download and install Xeams on a machine inside your network
  • It will run as if you have purchased the Enterprise Edition for the first 30 days
  • Once satisfied, go to the About screen under Tools menu to purchase.
  • This will lead you to our main website to process your payment.
  • Once transaction is complete, you will see an Activate button that will apply the serial number to your instance of Xeams

My Xeams cannot go out on the Internet

The default purchase process assumes your copy of Xeams can go out on the Internet and can talk to our web servers. If for any reason, your instance of Xeams cannot go out, visit this page to submit a payment manually. Refer to this page for cost. Then, send us an email to our Sales department. We will have to manually generate necessary serial numbers for you.