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Subject: Downloading QNAP package for Xeams
Creation date: 4/24/17 3:41 PM
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QNAP Package For Xeams

Use the following instructions to download and install Xeams on your QNAP device.
The package you download from this site will work with any version of QNAP, including QTS 4.5.1
  • Download QNAP package for Xeams from here. Extract the zipped file into a temp folder. The downloaded archive will only contain one file called Xeams_8.4.qpkg
  • Before installing Xeams, you will need the JRE package. This is done using the following steps:
    • Go to App Center
    • Select Developer Tools
    • Install JRE 8.x.x
  • [OPTIONAL STEP] Connect to QNAP's web interface and uninstall previous versions of Xeams from your QNAP if applicable. If you need to retain your config files, you will have to restore the following folders
    • config
    • db
    • GoodEmails
    • PossibleSpam
    • PUBayesian
    • Reports
    • SearchIndexes
    • SpamEmails
    • UserRepository
  • Install Xeams by clicking the Install Manually button in App Center.Select the extracted Xeams_7.0.qpkg from your machine.

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User comments

Posted by Helper on 9/12/20 7:52 PM

install JRE 8 before installing

Posted by Joe T on 4/13/19 2:59 PM

Had the same problem installing Xeams, no connection when opened it up. I seem to have solved it though. 1) uninstall Xeams (not sure its necessary, but did it anyway) 2) install JRE 3) install Container Station (if not already installed) 4) re-install Xeams 5) check that JRE and Container Station are running (on app center/my apps, click the drop down arrow on each, if it has option to stop then they're running) 6) open Xeams, and admin panel should come up.

Posted by Sascha on 1/28/21 6:12 AM

I had the same problem as Björn Regenbogen first. Then I registered with the link from Xiao Xiao. That worked. In Xeams, I entered my company name as given in the registration (that's important) and serial I received in the registration email. After that, an overview which contains license information and environment settings is shown. But whenever I click any other link, the product registration page is shown again. It seems that the registration info can't be safed. Probably there is no internet connection or something like that? I don't receive an email when I enter my data into the registration page...

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