Importance of Quarantine Report at Midnight

Quarantine reports are an efficient way of letting users mark and restore their emails. These reports can be scheduled several times within a day.

The report that gets generated every day at midnight is critical. This is the only report that contains data from the previous day, every other report will only include data for the current day. Failure to generate a report at midnight can result in a gap in the quarantined messages.

Consider a scenario where you schedule these reports for 8 AM, 12 PM and 4 PM. The table shows the data each report will hold:

8 AM
From midnight to 8 AM
12 PM
From 8 AM to 12 PM
4 PM
12 PM to 4 PM
Notice the gap between 4 PM and midnight. The only way to fill this gap is to schedule a report for midnight.


You will see a warning icon ( ) icon next to the user's log in ID if a user is not configured to receive quarantined report at midnight.