Recipient Email Acceptance

Before accepting emails, Xeams ensures the recipient has a valid account. If configured correctly, Xeams should reject emails if the recipient's address is specified incorrectly.

When using Xeams in Firewall/Hybrid mode, Xeams will accept emails for users who do not have accounts created within Xeams. In other words, if your downstream server accepts the recipients, Xeams will accept it as well.

Following diagram display the logic flow of how an email is accepted when using the regular SMTP server and mode is set to either Spam Firewall or Hybrid


Active Directory and DRV are only used if configured. For example, if DRV is not configured, an incoming email will be rejected if the email address does not belong to a local user and does not exist in Active Directory as well.
Acceptance of any incoming email is delegated to the downstream server. For example, if you are using MS Exchange as the downstream server, Xeams will accept an incoming email if Exchange excepts it.