Replacing Potentially Harmful File With Text File

It is usually a good idea to block emails containing a potentially harmful attachment. For example, by default Xeams will block a *.zip with an embedded *.exe file.

However, consider an example where a known business partner sends a zipped file with an executable that is not bad. This email would have been in the good category if the attached zipped file was not found. In other words this email would have received a score lower than the spam threshold in Xeams. In such scenarios, you can optionally configure Xeams to detach the zipped file and replace it with a TEXT file, letting the recipient know the attached file was removed.

Steps to Configure

  • Go to Filter Management ⇒ Content Filters ⇒ Customer Filters
  • Click the Manage filtering options for Virus Detector
  • Modify the options on the screen. Click the ? for help.