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Subject: Restoring quantined emails
Creation date: 12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on: 8/13/18 10:53 AM

Restoring quarantined emails

Often users have to restore emails that are quarantined. Follow the steps below to restore any message.
  • Log in to the Admin Console
  • Click Search Messages under Message Repository to search for the desired message.
  • Once the message is found, click Restore from the Action column.

Troubleshooting message restore

When a message is restored, it is resent to the Xeams server as if it were a brand new message. This means the following occurs in the background.
  • An MX lookup is performed internally to figure out what machine accepts email for the domain, which typically resolves to the public IP address of the machine where Xeams is running.
  • The message headers are reassigned by the receiving SMTP server
IMPORTANT: If you are using SMTP Proxy server, which is typically the case when you use Xeams in Firewall mode, you should also specify the IP address of your actual email server in the Local Host File. When an IP is specified in Local Host File, Xeams does not use the DNS server for an MX lookup. Instead, uses the value from this host file.

Local Host File

This step is applicable if you are using Xeams in either Firewall or Hybrid mode. Use the following steps to add an entry into the local host file.
  • Log in to the Admin Console
  • Click Manage Local Host File under Server Configuration menu
  • Add a new host. For Domain name, enter the domain of your email server and for IP, enter the local IP address of your actual email server. DO NOT enter the public IP address.

User comments

Posted by Jim on 1/31/17 2:29 PM

Very disappointed that the team that created this wonderful and very useful product seems not at all interested in fixing very old issues. There should be a method of correcting this problem and it needs to be clearly documented so that admins don't have to look like idiots because they can't make basic functionality work as expected. Clicking restore e-mail on the latest version of Xeams running on SBS 2011 was working, but then Xeams crapped out and wouldn't filter anything at all. The only fix was to completely blow away Xeams and all databases. After reinstalling Xeams, filtering worked fine once again except that Restoring emails from the possible junk queue to the good queue doesn't work and there seems to be no solutions anywhere or any help to be found from the Xeams programming team. This is very poor form. Please resolve this issue permanently or post very clear instructions on what admins must do to resolve the issue. Please e-mail me directly with a solution to this issue and post it publicly for all to see.

Posted by DLC on 3/11/14 3:39 PM

What Carl says is legit. After an email is restored, it should totally be removed from the quarantine list, but it stays. Is this a setting issue, file permissions, or has it just not been coded in yet?

Posted by FNC on 8/23/14 8:25 AM

This is the feature I need the most on Xeams. Amidst so much email, with both spam and false positives, I can't remeber whether I have restored some particular message or not (for mailboxes on Exchange that I have no access to). I'm sure I end up trying to restore them multiple times because absolutely nothing changes in the UI stating that I've restored/marked as good any particular message. I mean what's the point of marking as good and then nothing shows that I already marked as good, and the link to mark as good is still there like it hasn't been done yet?

Posted by Jeff on 4/9/15 4:42 PM

I am having the same issue as James. Emails requested to restore are definitely not being restored.

Posted by TSN on 1/21/14 8:11 PM

Anything new related to Carl Sun's comment?

Posted by Mads on 3/7/16 8:11 AM

I'm still having the same issue as Carl, how to changes this?

Posted by James on 3/5/15 3:02 PM

I am not sure why Michael said this was resolved. I just installed the latest update and it STILL does not move the message. Further I can not get the restore link to work from the daily email report instead I get this error... Error Error: 00001_70_20150305_77815.eml not found. This could happend when this email has already been marked and moved to the appropriate folder. Support / Programming - Please contact me so I can show and help to resolve this issue for all the people getting it like me. Thanks James

Posted by Michael on 1/27/15 4:48 AM

This has been resolved in the latest version of Xeams. Thanks Synametrics :-)

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