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Running Xeams  on the same machine where another email server is running

 Xeams can be installed either on the same machine that is running your corporate email server or on any other machine. Follow the steps below to install it on the same machine


Since SMTP servers listen on TCP/IP port 25, you cannot have both Xeams and your corporate server listen on this port. Therefore, before you install you need to make changes to your corporate email server so that its SMTP is listening on a different port.

After making this change install Xeams and configure it to route messages appropriately once they are filtered for spam.


  1. Change the TCP/IP port for the SMTP server in your corporate email server. Refer to the documentation of your server to see how to change this port. If you are want to use the IMAP and POP3 server in Xeams, you will need to change these ports as well.
  2. Install Xeams using the installer you downloaded
  3. Once installation is over, open your browser and type the following URL
    This will open the Admin Console
  4. If this is your first time using the Admin Console, it will open the setup wizard. Select the regular SMTP server as the default server and put localhost followed by the port number (example, localhost:2500) as the corporate email server.