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Subject: Searching for older messages
Creation date: 6/8/16 8:41 AM
Last modified on: 12/19/19 9:53 AM

Searching Older Messages

Xeams provides an excellent mechanism to search older messages. This applies to both incoming and outgoing messages. Message searching is available for every user type:

  • admin
  • domain admin
  • users
By default, the message repository displays the most recent messages. Therefore, the search feature comes in very handy when someone needs to search a message received in the past. Additionally, Xeams creates an index for every message that makes the searching extremely fast.

How to search

  • Login to the web interface
  • Click Search Messages under Message Repository. This step is not required when you log in as a regular non-admin user.

Search Tips

Following examples demonstrate some useful searching tips.

Searching Tips # 1

Logged in as a user and searching for messages received in last 10 days
When logged in as a user, Xeams displays messages since midnight. However, a user can search for older messages using the following tip:
  • Select the appropriate message type
  • Select a date that is 10 days from current date
  • Enter 10 for Number of days to search for field.
  • Select Sender or Recipient's email in Search Field
  • Enter your own email address in the Search For field.

Searching Tips # 2

Search for a particular user
Assume you want to search for an email you received from:
Arnold Schwarzenegger <>
Use the following values.

  • Select the appropriate message type
  • Select Sender or Recipient's email in Search Field
  • Enter any of the following values
    • Schwarzenegger Partial name
    • Arnold Partial name
    • aschwarzenegger Single word within email address
    • Entire email address
    • hollywood Single word within email address

Searching Tips # 3

Searching for words within body
Assume you want to search for multiple words in a message, for example:
Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton
Enter the following values:
  • Select the appropriate message type
  • Select Subject or Body in Search Field
  • Enter any of the following values in the Search For field:
    Bill AND Hillary AND Clinton
    Notice the use of uppercase AND. This predicate will make Xeams look for every word and will only return messages that contain all 3 words.

    Omitting this AND will implicitly change the predicate to an OR and Xeams will return messages containing any of the 3 words.

Searching Tips # 4

Incorrect Searches
Searches in Xeams are indexed. This means it will NOT return results for partial strings. Consider the following subject line as an example:
An important notification regarding your bank account
In the above example, searching for words like Import or regard will NOT return any results since they are partial words.

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