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Document ID: 5142
Subject: Extended configuration through file
Creation date: 8/5/17 1:50 AM
Last modified on: 8/10/18 12:26 PM

Extended Configuration

To avoid cluttering the web interface, some configurable parameters cannot be modified through the web interface of Xeams. These additional parameters are saved in a file called, which is stored in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder.

This file is not present when you first install Xeams. Therefore, you may have to create a new file if you're asked by our support department to enter a parameter in this file. The contents of this file are in plain text.

Ensure the name of the file is and not or

Values are entered in the following format:
# Lines starting with a # sign are ignored and can be used for user comments
# Parameter name appears on the LHS of equal sign, whereas the value appears on the RHS.
# For example:
parameter.two=Another Value

A Partial List of Parameters

The following table shows a partial list of parameters. Parameters that do not appear below are either for internal use or have been created for specific users because they needed some special processing in Xeams.

Parameter Name Default Value Description true Must be true or false. If false, users will not be able to restore emails from their quarantine reports true Must be true or false. If false, the Forgot password link disappears from the login page.
auto.purge.user.repositories.once.a.week false Must be true or false. If set to true, Xeams will auto-purge user repositories so they take less room on disk. Actual purging happens on a Sunday around midnight. Auto: Out of office notification Subject for the email generated as a result of Out of office notification
dictionary.attack.alerter.enabled true Dictionary attack prevention is disabled if this is set to false.
dictionary.attack.alerter.blockedMinutes 10 Number of minutes an IP is blocked if a dictionary attack is detected.
ignore.local.invalid.associations true Must be true or false. If true, Xeams will ignore email addresses ending with .local when pulling them from AD.
invalid.pwd.blocked.time 10 Number of minutes an IP address is blocked if too many incorrect password attempts are detected. 50 Number of emails to display per page when viewing messages in Compact View 20 Number of emails to display per page when viewing messages in Detail View false If true, the admin account will be restricted to LAN IP addresses. This is now obsolete. A better way to restrict admin access is through Access Control under Server Configuration
sender.4.ndr.message BLANK Email address used as a sender for NDRs. true Must be true or false. If true, SPF check is skipped for IP addresses allowed to relay
use.cache.for.drv true Must be true or false. If set to false, Xeams will not cache addresses verified by the DRV mechanism.

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