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Subject:Setting up a smart host in Xeams
Creation date:12/14/15 4:35 PM
Last modified on:1/3/19 3:07 PM

Smart Host

A smart host is a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server rather than directly to the recipient's server.

This feature has been enhanced in build 5714. Earlier builds only accepted a host name for Smart host and assumed the other SMTP server was always listened on port 25 and did not require authentication. Starting from build 5714 you can specify a port other than 25 as well as user ID/password.

Steps for build 5714 and newer

  • Login to Admin Console
  • Click Manage Smart Host under Server Configurationmenu
  • Specify host, port, user ID, password and the security type expected by the smart host server
  • Click Save
It is important to understand that a smart host is only used for outbound emails (where destination is NOT a local domain).

Steps for build 5713 and earlier

  • Login to Admin Console
  • Click Manage Host File under Server Configurationmenu
  • Add ALLDOMAINS for Domain Name and the IP address for the smart host.  Refer to the image below.

  • Click the Add button to save

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