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Subject: SMTPOutboundConversation.log
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SMTPOutboundConversation.log snippet

The above image is a snippet of SMTPOutboundConversation.log. This log contains SMTP communication leaving your Xeams server. In this log, the "C" is considered Xeams as it is initiating conversation with a foreign SMTP server. This log contains the following fields:

Column Number Description
1 Timestamp
2 LCID - You can track this number across multiple logs. Each TCP/IP connection is given an LCID and that will remain unchanged.
3 Direction of the SMTP communication. In this log "C" is always Xeams, and "S" is the foreign SMTP server that Xeams is communicating with.
4 The final column is the commands sent by Xeams and returned by the server.

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